Replay Webinar "Life Insurance and Private Equity : challenges and opportunities"

June 26, 2020. You could not attend the webinar on Life Insurance and Private Equity : watch the replay !

When life insurance pairs with Private Equity

Private Equity represents a strongly growing asset class compared to more traditional assets. It's a good match with life insurance as booth tools are to be considered on a long term run.

During this one-hour webinar, Rajaa Mekouar, CEO - LPEA; Samia Rabia, Partner, Attorney at Law - WILDGEN; Frédéric Sauvage, Commercial Director and Aurélie Biecher Wealth Planner at Bâloise Vie Luxembourg, explain the challenges and opportunities of holding Private Equity trought a life insurance policy.

Watch the full replay of the webinar here. (Attention : the webinar is in French).


Assurance-vie et Private Equity : enjeux et opportunités

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Covid-19 Information