Life Insurance 360 awarded Best Marcom Project of the year 2020

December 4, 2020. Life Insurance 360 was awarded on December 3rd, Best Marcom Project of the Year during the Marketers Gala held in Luxembourg.

What is Life Insurance 360

Life insurance 360 is digital white paper which decipher Luxembourg life insurance. The white paper is divided into 10 separate chapters/themes. Every chapter cover a subject related to luxembourg life insurance and is supplemented by satellite content (graphics, case studies, factsheets, video interviews, etc.) produced by Bâloise experts and inviting external contributors to support the argument.

The website is available both in French and English to target a pan-european audience.


An impressive and complete project

On December 3rd, was held the Marketers Gala in Luxembourg, where we applied in the best MarcCom Project of the Year Category and the project Life Insurance 360 won the award.

According to the jury members, “lifeinsurance360 was an impressive and complete project on many different aspects. The idea met the result and the creation of an internal editorial committee is a very interesting approach”. They also underlined the fact both collaborators and external contributors were involved in the project. The video offers a well-founded analysis and highlights a strong content and SEO strategy.



Discover the outstanding content on life insurance

You want to know more about life insurance : find all the content provided by experts of Bâloise Vie Luxembourg and external contributors on Life Insurance 360.

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