The post-Covid era or the advent of digital communication

November 12, 2020
The current pandemic period and the lockdown experienced a few months ago have provided an opportunity for Bâloise Vie Luxembourg (hereinafter referred to as “Bâloise”) to accelerate all the developments made in digitalisation field.

The online platform: Bâloise Wealth Manager

More than a year ago, Bâloise launched a new version of its onlineplatform dedicated exclusively to its partners: Bâloise Wealth Manager.

Bâloise has had a online platform for its partners for many years. But this tool was completely redesigned and launched to a number of test users in the summer of 2019, to be rolled out in September. This platform is now available to all our intermediaries in all our marketing markets and is used by more than 80% of our active partners.

The current version of Bâloise Wealth Manager offers, among other things, the following functions:

  • Access to the various statements (contracts and investments including the underlying assets in the context of a dedicated fund), and issuing contracts overwiews;
  • Obtain all the contractual documentation: specific conditions, linked documents, annual statement;
  • Review al partner relationship information: commission reporting, slips and certificates;
  • Access to all the updated precontractual documentation, including funds and product catalogue;
  • Consultation of all the latest sales documentation.
Ecran du portefeuille dans Bâloise Wealth Manager

Acceleration of processes thanks to the electronic signature

The Covid-19 pandemic enhanced the need to speed up planned developments in order to facilitate digital communication between Bâloise and its partners.

To this end, the electronic signature has been actively implemented in France, Belgium and Portugal.

It is therefore possible for customers in these markets to electronically sign all requests to be sent to the company in a simple and extremely secure way, whether for the customer, the partner or the company, provided that certain conditions are met.

Furthermore, in order to facilitate the processing and management of electronic signatures, Bâloise is currently considering accepting solutions from its partners, provided they comply with the company’s requirements.

Transparency towards our customers too

In order to meet our customers’ need for even more transparency, the “Bâloise MyWealth” application is also available to our customers. Our partners will soon also be able to enrol customers directly in the application.

This application allows clients to directly access all contract information (such as contract value, underlying assets, etc.), as well as all documents related to their contract and the contact details of their intermediary.

This application is currently available for all customers who wish to be the first to test it for all markets.

Accelerating developments

Bâloise wants to expand the functionalities available to its partners, so in the first quarter of 2021 the digital platform may be used:

  • To make online switches;
  • To monitor the status of new business and the progress of surrenders step by step as our internal departments progress.

During the 1st half of 2021, the subscription process will also be fully digitised through the online platform.

Bâloise’s online platform therefore provides secure, round-the-clock access to portfolio information. Bâloise is committed to offering its partners as much transparency as possible and is working hard to make the necessary developments to facilitate contract management and simplify the various processes. New features will be added to the platform and we will keep you informed of further developments.

If you are a Bâloise partner but do not yet have access to Bâloise Wealth Manager: register here.

Ecran du dashboard dans Baloise Wealth Manager