"Policyholders manage their investment, advised by their intermediary (insurance broker, asset management advisor, etc.), making their choices from among a range of funds of renowned asset managers."

External funds: our offering

Bâloise's "multi-fund" offering is composed of a broad universe of investments funds distributed by major asset managers. The extensive range mainly comprises UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) covering all of the main categories of investment: equity funds (focusing on particular sectors and/or geographical regions), fixed income (bond) funds, money market funds, mixed funds, funds of funds, funds of alternative funds, profiled funds, etc.

Individual investment

This "multi-fund-multi-manager" freedom of choice allows us not only to match policyholders' investor profiles, but also to define strategies appropriate to their individual investment objectives. Furthermore, depending on the subscriber's country of residence, the allocation of the assets under the policy can of course be adjusted at any time.


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