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Internal collective funds

"A fund offered only to the company's clients, tailored to their particular needs and the management of which is delegated to a specialist asset manager."

An internal collective fund as defined by Luxembourg law is a limited set of assets of an insurance undertaking, with or without a guaranteed return, open to a large number of investors.

The assets forming an internal collective fund must be segregated in the Company’s accounts according to the governing principles protecting the segregation of assets, and deposited with a custodian bank.

An internal collective fund is a fund issued by the insurance company: units of which can be purchased only via investing in an insurance policy issued by the company.

An internal collective fund has a specific investment objective and profile: management of this type of fund is generally delegated to a professional asset manager mandated by the company for the purpose. The applicable rules and main characteristics of an internal collective fund are determined by the Particular Conditions of the fund.

For further information on a particular internal collective fund, please contact our Sales Support Department.


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