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The internal dedicated fund

"The privilege of private asset management combined with the advantageous framework of life insurance."

An internal dedicated fund, defined by a strict regulatory framework in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, can be the most appropriate means of addressing the financial planning needs of the wealthy investor: the life insurance policy investing in an internal dedicated fund permits a dedicated approach to asset management, the conservation of wealth and the transmission of an estate.

An internal dedicated fund as defined by Luxembourg law is a limited account of assets of an insurance undertaking, with or without a guaranteed return and in principle dedicated to a single policy. The internal dedicated fund is therefore designed for investors wishing to benefit from the bespoke management of an account of assets within the exclusive framework of a Luxembourg life insurance policy.

The administrative and financial management of an internal dedicated fund is the responsibility of the insurer, who delegates these tasks to specialist managers on a discretionary basis. The risk management profile of the fund's assets is established on the basis of the subscriber's personal investment objectives and predefined parameters. Subject to compliance with the investment policy defined for each dedicated fund, the fund manager may invest in a wide range of assets and sophisticated products: including direct investment in securities (equities and bonds), UCITS, alternative products or unlisted funds.

The fund's assets are deposited in a segregated account in the books of a bank mandated for this purpose and performing the function of custodian bank for the fund, duly approved by the Insurance Commissariat.


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