Bâloise Vie Luxembourg


The information website on Luxembourg life insurance under the Freedom to Provide Services

Life-insurance360.com is the first 100% digital white paper decrypting Luxembourg life insurance.
This digital platform reinvents the white paper concept and how to get informed about life insurance, by analysing the sector in a new way through a dedicated website.

Chapters are added periodically and are enhanced with original “satellite” contents to develop the argument: infographics, case studies, factsheets, interviews and videos.

The various chapters deal with topics such as: the Freedom to Provide Services, the unit-linked contract, asset protection (or triangle of security), underlying assets or pledging life insurance contracts.

This genuinely modern platform contains informative content conceived by experts from Bâloise Vie Luxembourg, as well as external contributors (auditing firms, lawyers, Family Offices, private bankers, intermediaries and key players from the financial sector).

A response to market needs

According to a study commissioned in 2018 by the ACA - Association des Compagnies d’Assurance (Luxembourg Insurance Companies Association), 90% of the distributors in the life insurance industry are kept up to date on the latest developments in the life insurance sector via Internet. Nevertheless, they generally do not find the information on the websites of insurance companies and complain about the lack of information thereon, as well as the lack of digital means made available to them to show the expertise of Luxembourg life insurance.

Life-insurance360.com is Bâloise’s answer to this issue and the industry benchmark for information on Luxembourg life insurance under the Freedom to Provide Services.