Mobility with complete safety

Bâloise Vie Luxembourg S.A. distributes its policies in ten European Union countries: For each market, legal and tax research, enables the subscriber to benefit from a life insurance policy specifically adapted to the legal and tax requirements of his or her country of residence.

Because our clients are increasingly mobile, we place our experience at their service and are able to respond to their needs. With a change of country of residence, whether preparing to set course for sunnier climes or to return to one's native land, we oversee the condition and eligibility of the policy, proposing personalised solutions.

As intermediary, Bâloise Vie Luxembourg S.A.

  • offers you advice and solutions adapted to your client's financial, legal and tax needs,
  • places a dynamic, motivated sales team at your disposal, a team that is organised and specialised by country of distribution and that supports you in meeting client needs,
  • allows you to retain the client relationship by virtue of the FPS Directive: we advise you on the steps required to ensure the continuity of your client relationship.

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