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Our positioning as regards the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (the ‘SFDR’)

The world has evolved its approach to sustainability. From specialised think-tanks, the main debate has now moved on to the G20 and other Financial Stability fora. This makes it clear that the financial sector (including the insurance sector) clearly has a role to play in a more sustainable world - and that's all to the good! 

The European Union has been encouraging us to set an example in this field. For example, Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 on sustainability related disclosures in the financial services sector (referred to as the ‘SFDR’) came into force on 10 March 2021.

The SFDR is focused on achieving the United Nations sustainability goals by influencing the financial investments made, among others, by life insurance companies. This not only concerns combating climate change but also - under the Environmental, Social and Governance (or ‘ESG’) heading - of adopting practices to achieve ecological, social and good corporate governance objectives.

This concerns us, as an insurance company, just as it concerns all other finance companies and insurance brokers when they offer insurance investment products.
For any questions or information on this subject: esg@baloise.lu.

At the moment, Bâloise Vie Luxembourg SA is not in a position to comment on the negative sustainability impact of its business activity. Nevertheless, we are making every effort to analyse any possible environmental, social or corporate governance implications.

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Our approach to sustainability

Our role as an insurer is to protect the people we care about and what belongs to them, but more broadly, it is to protect what is important and to promote the advancement of humankind. And it is from the standpoint of Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’) that we can act!

Bâloise is inspired by the United Nations’ sustainable development objectives when shaping its sustainability policy. Appropriate value creation processes have therefore been introduced for each of the objectives over which Bâloise has the greatest influence: welfare, education, innovation, etc.

Our vision: to create value for all our stakeholders!


Increasing the well-being of our staff

We want to provide the best possible environment for our staff by promoting diversity, personal development and well-being.

Our new eco-friendly headquarters

Flexibility in the workplace

A different kind of mobility

Strict measures for RESPONSIBLE consumption

Training for our staff

The Bâloise advantages

Baloise attaches  importance to managing its business sustainably and retaining high performers. It also matters to Baloise that its remuneration is not only competitive and achievement-oriented, but  also encourages managerial staff to align their long-term focus with the interests of stakeholders, particularly the shareholders. To this end, the remuneration system provides for a significant portion of the variable remuneration to be awarded in shares that are restricted for three years and exposed to market risk during this period. Furthermore, the most senior function levels receive performance share units, which means that a further component of their salaries is paid out as prospective entitlements; these PSUs must be held for three years before being converted into shares as a form of deferred remuneration. Both the proportion of variable remuneration in the total pay package and the proportion of remuneration awarded in restricted shares or as deferred remuneration increases in line with employees’ scope of strategic responsibility and influence.

Support for our clients and partners

We want to help our clients and stakeholders live a simpler and more stress-free life. All this thanks to clear communications, and to solutions and services which meet and exceed their requirements.

Satisfy our clients

Simplify insurance

A company committed to a responsible society

Bâloise is actively involved in the local fabric of the Grand Duchy through partnerships:

  • Sports: cycling sponsor for the Tour de Luxembourg, for the Luxembourg Athletics Federation, for the Réiser Päerdsdeeg/CSI international equestrian jumping competition;
  • Culture: by supporting the ‘Rockhal’, Luxembourg’s largest performance and concert hall;
  • Concerning health and prevention:
    • By supporting the Fondation contre le Cancer for more than 10 years
    • By supporting the ALAN association which helps those affected by rare diseases
    • By partnering with Vireo to offer and make available to everyone the MyMindScan tool in order to make everyone aware of psycho-social risks
    • By regularly involving the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg (events, catering, etc.)
  • Concerning the protection of biodiversity, by supporting the Natur & ëmwelt association 

Bâloise is also a partner of the University of Luxembourg and has set up privileged partnerships with various student associations.

  • Objective: to facilitate exchanges in the fields of education and recruitment opportunities for students, provision of scholarships, etc.

Protection of the environment

  • A new ecological headquarters and the choice of recyclable materials (supplies, furniture, etc.)
  • The promotion of digitisation vs. paper: the ‘Zero Paper’ initiative

The Internal Sustainability Network

This Network - the members of which come from all our group companies - is managed by the Sustainable Development Team of the Baloise Group. It is committed to the development of sustainability so that it is a fully embedded part of our corporate strategy. It coordinates implementation in our business and business processes.

Board of directors

Executive Committee

Local communities

Our memberships in the field of sustainability