Bâloise Vie Luxembourg

The Specialised Insurance Fund

"A personalised insurance fund with dedicated support"

Under its governance the Luxembourg Commission for Insurance (the Commissariat aux Assurances) provides for a range of investment models; the Specialised Insurance Fund is one of those models. A Specialised Investment Fund is an internal fund of the insurer but it is operated under rules different to that of the well know “Dedicated Fund” format. The Specialised Insurance Fund accepts both direct and indirect investments but does not have a performance guarantee. Each Specialised Insurance Fund underpins a single policy.

The management/risk profile of the fund's assets is established on the basis of the policyholder’s personal investment objectives and predefined investment parameters. In accordance with the investment policy selected for each Specialised Insurance Fund, the subscriber may select from a wide range of assets and sophisticated products: traded securities (equities and bonds), collective schemes, alternative products or unlisted funds. The range of assets that might be selected may vary dependent upon the applicable legislation of the policyholders place of residence at any time. 

The assets of a Specialised Investment Fund are deposited in a segregated account opened in the name of the insurer at a bank authorised by the Commissariat aux Assurances to provide custody services to one of its regulated undertakings such as Bâloise. The governance of custody is a keystone in the Luxembourg regime for the protection of policyholders.

Unlike an internal Dedicated Fund, the management is not outsourced to a discretionary manager, but the policyholder is responsible for the selection of underlying assets. The Specialised Insurance Fund is designed for experienced investors with a knowledge of the opportunities and risks inherent to financial markets.

Specialised insurance funds are available at Bâloise Vie Luxembourg starting at EUR 500,000.


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