Top credit rating for Baloise – upgrade to A+ by Standard & Poor’s

Group information

Baloise has underlined its excellent capitalisation yet again.

The Company had already published a very healthy SST solvency ratio of 262 per cent in its financial condition report. Now, rating agency Standard & Poor’s has confirmed Baloise’s outstanding level of capitalisation, raising the credit rating from ‘A’ with a positive outlook to ‘A+’ with a stable outlook. The new credit rating means Baloise has now attained a top position among the field of medium-sized European insurers.

Standard & Poor’s awarded this credit rating in recognition of Baloise’s excellent capitalisation – which is comfortably above the AAA level according to the S&P capital model – as well as its high operational profitability, robust risk management and solid competitive position in its profitable core markets.

Thanks to the improved credit rating, the Baloise Group occupies a top position among its competitors of a similar size and has strengthened its status as a safe and attractive long-term investment.  

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